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SvetArt Production (sculpture, lighting fixtures, jewelry)


Lana Malyavskaya was born on a Russian Island in the Pacific Ocean, called Sakhalin. She has immigrated to Canada in early 2000's and has been creating folk art most of her life. Statement from the artist below. 

"always noticed beauty in simple things: breathtaking sunsets, fogs over the river, clouds, embroidered towels, a rustic door, tree bark, cracked asphalt or wrinkles on hands of the elderly...I see hidden beauty all around us every day.

My desire to create something with my own hands led me to applied arts.  From the very young age I was knitting, sewing, felting, building, painting etc. 

My biggest inspiration is conservation of resources and recycling, creating art objects from natural materials. I really enjoy the fact that I can create something new from something old. I am trying to find new ways to match the unmatchable and to shock my viewer. Lots of my creations are purchased for home decor and public displays.

Various materials are utilized in my art:  clay, driftwood, metal, glass.  I would describe my decor style as a mix of rustic, boho, eco, folk and steam-punk.

I travel a lot and enjoy different cultures and what remains from past eras. Past antiquities inspire me as well.  For years I have been building my collections and now I have a strong desire to share all my projects, my paintings, architectural wonders with the world.

My message to the world  is too limit our consumption and reduce waste, but restore and recycle instead  - this is how my Useful Art came to existence today". 

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