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Kseniya Ali Art (painter, paintings)


Born in the Ukraine in the the early 1980’s, Kseniya Ali is a celebrated painter now residing in Hamilton, Ontario.  Her most recent art collections Let's Soul-Talk and Reflections were showcased at the Sealed Art Gallery of Hamilton in the fall of 2017 and again in the fall 2018. Works of hers can be seen worldwide, including the United States, New Zealand, Sweden, Egypt and the United Kingdom. Below is an excerpt from the artist herself: 

“My love of painting and arts were passed on to me through my family.  I recall that the walls and floors of my home were adorned with various paintings, sculptures and installations. After graduating art school, painting became the thing that set my creativity free as well as brought me love and joy.  

In 2015, my husband and I were informed that our daughter was born with a rare genetic mutation. This fact brought a plethora of emotions to my life and the notion that our lives would be forever changed.  To cope with some of these overwhelming emotions, I started to paint every single day.  Painting became my therapy, my necessity and ultimately an extension of me. Painting in a several different styles and with a wide range of materials (ink, gouache, acrylic and watercolour), my inspirations are drawn from music, literature, culture, nature, people’s narratives.

My paintings are infused with my emotions, my love and positive energy with hopes that it brings luck, happiness and peace to the viewers of my works." 

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